Time Will Tell

Success is not a giant leap. It's a series of small steps. We want to walk the walk, with you. Becoming organized, operating efficiently, working remotely, staying connected, driving business & being agile needs to underline everything we do. It's the Kaizan way to improve the way we do business. 

Longer-term relationships foster constant improvements in your business. So, we use a time-based, subscription model that works like your phone plan. You pre-pay monthly for time. The more time you buy up front, the better your hourly rate. But, you'll need to re-up your time each month because time expires. 

Every month, you'll receive a detailed activity report of time spent, like a phone bill. We'll start/stop our Toggl timer app anytime we start/stop work on your project leaving notes each time.  All project related activities including, but not limited to, emails, phone calls, screen chats, meetings & travel consume time. Unused time does not accrue or roll over.

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