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Case Study

The project started with a peculiar situation. One of the client’s domains, Domain A, was forwarding to another domain, Domain B, but they wanted it done in reverse. There are big impacts to SEO that need to be considered when performing this operation. Reversing the domain was just the beginning. The client wanted all around maintenance, performance and search optimization. We created a 2 phased approach – Phase I would implement the necessary tools to fix immediate performance problems and Phase II would focus on the design and search engine optimization.

Phase I

First, Google Analytics and Google Search Console were installed and configured to get baseline metrics. An automated monthly report was configured for the client to review.

WordPress Migration Service

Next, the client wanted the site on new hosting under their control – their current web designer and hosting reseller was unresponsive to maintenance requests. Spokencode performed a WordPress website migration to the new and advanced Flywheel hosting, built on Google cloud. We reorganized and optimized the new website here while the current site was still running.

Reference URLs in the database were fixed by performing serialized search & replace operations. We cleaned up broken links across the site, user and comment spam – almost 600 spam accounts were removed. Users were disallowed from creating accounts by properly configuring the necessary WordPress settings.

Remove WordPress spam user accounts.

WordPress Performance Optimization

All images were optimized through in real time using a fully cloud-based service. The service:

  • Optimizes images automatically
  • Picks the right image size for the visitor’s browser and viewport
  • Uses lazy loading to display the images
  • Serves the images via a fast image CDN​

We used WP Rocket, an advanced WordPress caching plugin to combine and minify resource assets. The number and size of HTTP requests were reduced and the minimum cache lifetime was set to avoid requesting resources again. Performance improvements were verified using leading page speed analysis tools, GT Metrix and Google PageSpeed Insights performance score.
Google Page Speed score.

WordPress Search Engine Optimization was using All-in-One SEO. While the SEO was not complete, we didn’t want to lose what was completed. We migrated the All-in-One data to Yoast, the WordPress SEO standard. Yoast offers a better range of features including a content analysis tool for posts and pages. Additionally, Yoast’s knowledgebase is an extensive source of information regarding SEO best practices.

The website was verified with Google search Console and Bing webmaster tools. Updated sitemaps were submitted to inform each search engine about pages that are available for crawling.

Verify Ownership with Bing Webmaster Tools

DNS Configuration

Domain A was un-forwarded and set as the primary domain to the new Flywheel site. Domain B was then forwarded to Domain A, the original ask of the client. The snippet below shows a full inventory of 301 Permanent Redirects with 200 (success) status codes at the new domain.

Complete inventory verifying 301 Permanent Redirects with 200 status codes.

About is the marketing arm Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals. The website’s aim is to inform with interesting news, events and things to do in and around Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Whether a guided fishing expedition with friends, a heart pumping thrill ride on the Ocoee River, cultural mountain festival, scenic drive, or a relaxing sunset cruise on Lake Blue Ridge, Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals has developed the resource network to help you craft the perfect getaway.

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