Services Provided

Southern Star Tattoo Shop in Atlanta, Georgia

Case Study

Southern Star tattoo shop in Atlanta, Georgia is a small, locally-owned business with two locations. They had a simple Squarespace website and needed keep it simple. Spoken/code got their business search engine optimized and provided them the know-now to keep it that way.

Website Design

Spokencode improved the layout and navigation of the Squarespace. First, content pages we’re nested in organized hierarchies, for example Home / Tattoo Artists / Artist Name and Home / Locations / Address. The hierarchy made it easier to implement better, drill-down navigation. Then, we improved the layouts at each level to reveal only the right info at the right time, incentivizing user to click through the funnel.

Navigating Home / Artists / Name

Search Engine Optimization

Once Spokencode had the improved organization in place, SEO formulas were created rapidly optimizing new and existing content. Because tattoo searches are typically image-based, Spokencode focused on optimizing over 400 images. For example, populating the ALT title formula with our meta/keyword lists:


[Tattoo style] [tattoo subject] tattoo by [Artist Name] at Southern Star Tattoo, Atlanta, GA.


[Traditional Americana][eagle] tattoo by [Bill Connor] at Southern Star Tattoo, Atlanta, GA.

Search Engine Optimization

The most common SEO tool is Yoast SEO for WordPress. But this is Squarespace, not WordPress. While there are Squarespace search engine optimization tools, they work a bit differently. Spokencode properly named, titled, described (left) and specified the social sharing image (right) for each page.

Google Result BEFORE Optimization

Google Result AFTER Optimization

Explicitly setting the “Social Image” specifies the exact title, description and image to be used by Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards.

Setting the Social Image for Facebook and Twitter sharing in Squarespace.

Facebook Before & After

Before(left) and After(right) Facebook Open Graph optimization.

Local SEO

To improve their rankings in location based search, Spoken/code updated and synchronized the name, address and phone number (NAP) across the top 40 listing citation sites plus Facebook, Google, Yelp, Foursquare. These updates can take many weeks to fully complete.



Google MyBusiness

Tattoo shops are local, brick-and-mortar businesses. Feeding Google with content to display in text, voice map searches is key.

Spokencode simplified the management of the Google MyBusiness profile.

  1. Employees and managers were assigned the proper roles and permissions.
  2. Each user was guided through installing and logging into their Google MyBusiness mobile app.
  3. Each employee had the could manage the appropriate content – photos, posts, products and reviews– for the business.
  4. Artists could shoot and post their work directly from their mobile device.