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Vintory Vacation Rental Inventory Growth Experts

Case Study

Vintory helps vacation rental management companies grow their inventory. They appraoched Spokencode with a question, “Can you copy an Unbounce page to LiveRez?” Admittedly, we’d never heard of Unbounce or LiveRez. As it turns out, the project was a perfect fit to use our skills and extend our real estate portfolio.

LiveRez Landing Pages

LiveRez is one of the largest vacation rental platforms. Unbounce is an easy-to-use, drag & drop landing page builder for getting more leads, sales, and customers. The problem was that the property rental features from LiveRez and the landing pages from Unbounce were on two separate platforms. The task was to recreate the landing pages from Unbounce on the LiveRez platform.

Unlike our favorite WordPress, LiveRez websites lack modern front-end abilities and only use antiquated HTML WYSIWYG editors on the back-end. The platform does not officially support custom designed pages or themes. Designers only have the ability to officially change the “content area” of the page but not the header, footer or side column. Additionally, the workflow to make even supported changes is extremely cumbersome.

The client accepted that completing the requirement would take some creative hackery. The solution was to build as much of the new design as possible outside of LiveRez for faster development. Then, the code would be copy/pasted into the LiveRez WSYIWIG editor. Once in LiveRez, we’d need to add additional CSS to hide elements generated by LiveRez including the header, footer and side columns and expand the “content area” into a full page view.