A competitive analysis will drive a custom social media strategy. Spoken/code will define your audience and attract new followers who match the demographics, interests, and behaviors by creating content, ad campaigns and sale funnels that convert visitors to customers.

Content Development

Relevant and shareable content increases engagement (likes, comments, etc.) and builds trust and authority with your audience. Prescheduled content will be available to review and approve before it goes live. The steady flow of content will maintain your presence online while continually driving traffic to your website. 

Social Media

A custom dashboard will track competitors, customers, hashtags and industry trends from different social networks. Spoken/code will find and follow influencers and thought leaders to share or refer your content to dramatically increase your organic reach. Performance and sentiment monitoring ensures timely and appropriate response to issues and events.

Ad Campaigns

Highly targeted, engaging ad campaigns for Google Adsense and Facebook will connect you with your audience. Spoken/code will promote your content and drive more customers into your sales funnel with continual optimization and improvement.


Monitoring social media performance will alert to issues and opportunities. Spoken/code will respond timely and appropriately engaging your audience and influencers. You’ll get monthly analytics reports to review. Spoken/code will analyze and make recommendations for areas to improve.